Getting Customs Valuation Right: How to Apply Core Requirements and Valuation Methodologies

December 2, 2014 10:30am

Stephanie Norris
Customs Enterprise Standards Project Leader
General Electric (Washington, DC)

Matt Nakachi
Junker & Nakachi (San Francisco, CA)

  • How to determine the correct value of goods and avoid common valuation errors
  • Examining transaction value
  • Case study: How to go through the valuation process using transaction value
    • Defining a “related party transaction”
    • When not to use transaction value
  • Making sense of the other five valuation methodologies and when they should be applied (transaction value of identical merchandise, transaction value of similar merchandise, deductive value, computed value, derivative method)
    • Understanding assists, royalties and other additions as part of the dutiable value
  • Identifying the different types of deductions and how deductions are determined
    • What you need to prove eligibility for a deduction
  • Review of sample invoices: How to identify and correct mistakes before it’s too late
  • How to handle valuation of a product imported for repair