C-TPAT and ISA: The Ins and Outs of CBP’s Trusted Trader Program

December 2, 2014 2:45pm

Lawrence W. Hanson
The Law Office of Lawrence W. Hanson, P.C. (Houston, TX)

  • C-TPAT: What is it, how to apply, and what does it take to join?
  • Making sense of CBP’s expectations for “minimum security standards”
  • Weighing the risks and benefits of participation in C-TPAT
  • Developing a five-step risk assessment process that meets CBP expectations
  • How to incorporate threat and vulnerability risks / red flags into the C-TPAT assessment
  • Core elements of the Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA)
  • Outlining the requirements of ISA
  • Examining the benefits of participation in the ISA Program
  • Weighing the benefits vs. the rigors of ISA membership
  • How to determine if your company is “Trusted Trader ready”
  • Working with CBP throughout the process, and educating CBP on your business
  • Update on CBP and FDA Trusted Trader Pilot