The Best Offense is a Good Defense—Bolstering Compliance Programs and Substantiation Practices

March 12, 2015 9:15am

Judy Woodford Ph. D.
Group Leader – Global Technical Claims
Kao USA, Inc.

Maria W. Votsch
Sprint Corporation

David J. Calevski
General Counsel
Suarez Corporation Industries

Barry M. Benjamin
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

  • Discussing best practices for ensuring proper advertising in traditional media (i.e., print, radio, and television)
  • Safeguarding against misuse of digital advertising mediums
    • Examining the FTC guidelines—what is clear and where is there room for confusion or possible enforcement?
    • Understanding the Digital Advertising Alliance’s selfregulatory framework regarding online behavioral advertising
    • Highlighting and deriving lessons from disputes related to data security and online or mobile advertising
    • Demystifying how to make proper disclosures and disclaimers while using space constrained mediums (e.g., Twitter)
    • Discussing the proper use of endorsements and testimonials
    • Establishing checks and balances to ensure employees engage in proper online conduct
  • Balancing speed to market with proper claim substantiation
    • Building an evidentiary stronghold to defend against attacks on your claims
      • Determining when to conduct market research
      • Developing consumer behavior and psychological evidence
      • Administering a clinical study
      • Tracking the benefits and detriments of internet surveys
      • Using consumer perception data
    • Avoiding practice pitfalls relating to environmental, green, and health benefit claims
    • Determining the best protocols for consumer testing and identifying industries with established protocols
    • Distilling lessons from recent advertising challenges and any revealed weaknesses in substantiation processes
  • Best practices for policing misuse of a company brand or misleading statements about a product
  • Working with market researchers and experts to debunk competitor’s claims