State Enforcers Spotlight

March 13, 2015 9:30am

William H. Sorrell
Attorney General
State of Vermont

Richard P. Lawson
Director, Consumer Protection Division
Florida Office of the Attorney General

Aiesha L. Battle
Director of Division of Consumer Protection
New York Department of State

Jane M. Azia
Bureau Chief Consumer Frauds & Protection
Office of the New York Attorney General


Eric Kanefsky
Calcagni & Kanefsky (Former Dir. of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs; Former Asst. U.S. Attorney, Dept. of Justice, NJ)

Tasked with protecting consumers, state attorneys general or designated departments vigilantly review advertisements, offers, and customer outreach programs for elements of deception. The penalties for deceptive practices are steep. Hear from this distinguished panel as to what their enforcement priorities for 2015 and beyond will be.