In-House Roundtable: Ensuring Compliancein an Evolving Regulatory and EnforcementEnvironment, Preparing for and Managing Lending,Servicing, and Foreclosure Litigation, EnhancingRelationships with Outside Counsel…

September 22, 2014 8:05am


Scott Murphy
Senior Counsel Consumer Lending and Corporate Regulatory Division
Wells Fargo & Co. Law Department

LeAllen Frost
Vice President & Associate General Counsel
Nationstar Mortgage

Nathan Boucher
Vice President & Associate General Counsel
Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation

Charles Beveridge
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Prospect Mortgage, LLC

Andrew Lusk
Senior Corporate Counsel
Quicken Loans, Inc.

Leesa Logan
Senior Vice President and General Counsel | Phoenix Family of Companies
Phoenix Capital, Inc.

Jeannie White
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
CoreLogic, Inc.


Hunter R. Eley

Doll Amir & Eley LLP

  • Perspectives on the CFPB servicing rules and their impact on the mortgage servicing industry
    • Compliance challenges and how to overcome them
    • Practical guidance regarding CFPB examinations
    • Litigation trends arising from the new rules>
  • How are lenders and servicers adapting to new and emerging regulations and case law? What changes have they made?
  • What do corporate counsel fi nd to be the most challenging aspects of revamping compliance procedures and policies?
  • Where are lenders and servicers turning for guidance?
    • Developing best practices
  • Managing and responding to enforcement actions
    • Tools that are available when facing an enforcement action
    • Responding to the action
    • Filing a motion to quash a subpoena
    • Jurisdiction hurdles when dealing with multiple state
    • and federal agencies
  • Assessing the role of state attorneys general versus the role of the CFPB and other federal agencies
  • Adapting your litigation strategies and settlement calculations to account for new trends
  • Dealing with overzealous discovery requests in litigation and regulatory inquiries
  • Managing and defending against claims arising from TILA, HAMP, and RESPA
  • Lender-placed insurance claims
  • Top 5 concerns of in-house counsel now and in the near-term
  • Identifying and minimizing exposure to risk
  • Foreclosure mediation
    • Best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of these programs
  • Lessons learned from past litigation
    • Minimizing your exposure to future litigation and better managing future litigation
  • Advising outside counsel on how to better support in-house counsel
  • Top 5 issues that in-house counsel want their outside counsel to be thinking about
  • How corporate counsel are responding to internal budgetary pressures
  • Exploring the use of alternative fee agreements with outside counsel
  • Internal and external cost-cutting
    • What has worked and what has not
  • In-house staffi ng solutions for stretched legal departments