A Due Diligence Guide to the Managementof Third-Party Vendors, Service Providers,and Mortgage Brokers

September 23, 2014 2:45pm


Mr. David K. Stein
President of Retail Branch Division and General Counsel
Residential Finance

Steven S. Albert
Allstate Appraisal

A. Michelle Canter
LotsteinLegal PLLC

  • Impact of enhanced regulatory scrutiny and oversight
  • CFPB initiatives
    • Power to supervise “related persons” and “material service providers”
    • To what extent are banks liable for lending done through a third-party relationship?
  • OCC activity
  • Implementing best practices to manage and mitigate the risk of outsourcing
  • Third-party vendor products and fees
  • Liability for the actions of mortgage brokers
  • Contracting with ethical third parties
  • Making the decision to work with a third-party entity
    • Assessing the decrease in servicing costs vs. the increased risks of litigation and reputational damage