Recognizing Risk and Navigating the Legal Minefields Associated with Safety, Training, and Education

February 26, 2015 3:00pm

Curtis P. Parks
Amusement Management Partners, LLC

Lambert J. “Joe” Hassinger Jr.
Galloway Johnson, A PLC

  • Building a culture of safety for your entire team
  • Delving into operations and maintenance manuals to construct training sessions for the employees
  • Analyzing updates to the ASTM F24 standards
    • Establishing compliance with ASTM F24 standards
  • Examining the types of documentation of training needed as a defense mechanism and documenting employee’s training in the event of litigation
  • Compiling live video clips of training sessions for the jury
  • Balancing the public’s increasing expectations for a more extreme and thrilling experience with the facility’s need to maintain safety
  • Mitigating the liability of food-borne and water-related illnesses at recreation and leisure facilities