Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Using Technology as a Defense Tool

February 26, 2015 4:00pm

Steven J. Fram
Vice President and General Counsel
The Morey Organization

Technology is everywhere in today’s recreation and leisure facilities. Parks use security cameras, ride photo systems, mobile apps, wristbands with RFID chips and electronic ticket cards to ensure safety and enhance patron enjoyment. Guests and their families and friends use smartphones, iPads and other devices to record their experiences and then post comments, pictures and video to their social media accounts. The information captured by these technologies can serve as a valuable tool to defend against claims if properly secured but can be highly detrimental if not handled appropriately. This program will explore:

  • Identifying valuable information that park-based technologies can yield
  • Exploring the use of social media to assess patron conduct before, during, and after an incident
  • Examining privacy issues that arise when patron activities are tracked
  • Understanding the doctrine of “spoliation” and the importance of properly preserving electronic information
  • Developing policies for when patrons and employees use technology to document incidents
  • Introducing into evidence at trial of technology-based information