Preparing for and Responding to Increased State Regulatory andEnforcement Efforts…

October 6, 2014 10:05am


Marilyn T. Chastain
Securities Bureau Chief
Idaho Department of Finance

Tom James
Senior Assistant Attorney General Consumer Counsel – Consumer Fraud Bureau
Office of the Illinois Attorney General

Joseph Borg
Ala. Sec. Commission

Jeanette Blanco
Senior Director and Senior Regulatory Counsel
PayPal, Inc.

Patrick M. Burnett
Vice President & Corporate Counsel


Andrew J. Lorentz
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

The states are moving rapidly on the legislative, regulatory and enforcement front and the challenges of operating in multiple states have grown dramatically. This panel of industry experts and state regulatory and compliance offi cials will provide you with practical guidance and best practices on how to shape your compliance program given the myriad state money transmission regulations and licensing requirements. Attend to keep abreast of the fast moving developments, legislation, regulation and enforcement at the state level including:

  • Operational, compliance, and economic perspective of a licensee?
  • What are regulators looking for from an operational perspective?
  • How do money transmitters report transactions?
  • What kind of exemptions are states looking for?
  • Recent litigation in Delaware involving closing loop issuers
  • Amending the California Money Transmitters Act (MTA)
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Escheatment/ Dormant Accounts and Their Intersection with Fraud
  • Preemption
  • Fees and Expiration Dates
  • Cash Redemption
  • And more