Durbin 2.0 on the Prepaid Market: Latest on Regulation II’sInterchange-Fee Limitations and Network-Exclusivity Prohibition

October 7, 2014 10:45am


Michael F. Day
Senior Corporate Counsel
Blackhawk Network, Inc.

Brad Fauss
President and CEO

Dawn Vail
Senior Counsel
Wells Fargo Legal Group

  • How recent changes are impacting compliance initiatives – interchange fee limitation: practical effects and exemptions, future legislation and regulation and more
  • NACS litigation and the exemptions
  • Developing prepaid products that qualify for exemption:
    • small issuer exemption issues
    • exemption for government-administered programs and related Issues
    • GPR Card Exemption:
  • Network Routing Issues: Two Unaffi liated Networks per Card
  • When is a PIN Network “Enabled”?