[collapsibles] [collapse title=”How will a sponsorship arrangement benefit my organization?”] Our sponsorship packages are tailored to meet your individual organization’s needs. We work closely with our sponsors to identify their short and long term objectives and work hand in hand with them to develop a package that promises the strongest impact to your areas of focus. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness; showcase services; develop new business relationships; grow or retain clients; or simply become more involved and visible in your marketplace, we are here to support you. [/collapse] [collapse title=”Do you have a menu of package options I can view?”] We pride ourselves on individually customizing sponsorship packages that will optimize your organization’s exposure and meet your business needs. Package options can include a selection of elements including: logo placement in print and online, a sponsorship/exhibitor booth onsite at the event, sponsorship of specific conference features ranging from lanyards, lunches or cocktails, event passes and a wider array of options. We are continuously searching for new ideas and are happy to explore new options with our sponsors as we tailor a package to their needs. [/collapse] [collapse title=”How do I submit my company logo?”] Please forward both an .eps file and a .jpg file for your company logo. When relevant, please include your specific brand guidelines. This will ensure that your logo is correctly displayed on relevant collateral. [/collapse] [collapse title=”What are the requirements when I am submitting a company description? “] When submitting your company description, please provide your information in plain text and include your company website URL. The length of your description will vary according to your sponsorship package. Refer to your sponsorship agreement for the specific length of the word profile that is included in your package. [/collapse] [collapse title=”Will you post our company URL from your website to our home page? “] Your sponsorship agreement details the terms of your package. Often we do include a link from our website to the home page of your website to accompany either your company logo or company description provided. [/collapse] [collapse title=”Will you provide a URL for us to post a Reciprocal Link on our website? “] Absolutely! We are always looking to maximize your exposure and promote your conference sponsorship in combination with our marketing efforts. Your Sponsorship Representative can provide a reciprocal link for you to also post the conference on your website. [/collapse] [collapse title=”Who should I speak to about partnership opportunities?”] Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss sponsorship opportunities for our upcoming events. [/collapse] [/collapsibles]