The Latest on Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) and Vendor Oversight: Heightened Regulatory Expectations

November 20, 2014 2:30pm

Michael R. Pfeifer
Managing Partner
Pfeifer & de la Mora, LLP

Richard W. Koch
Senior Vice President Structured Credit Ratings Operational Risk Assessment Group
Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC

Michelle Leigh
Managing Director, Regulatory Compliance & Internal Controls
North Coast Bankers Compliance, LLC

• Addressing the importance of third-party oversight
• The latest in monitoring conduct of third-party service providers (“TPSP”)
• The importance of implementing a comprehensive TPRM framework
• Assessing the recent regulatory emphasis on TPRM; what are the consequences of non-compliance with federal laws and regulations
• What are the differences between past vendor management guidance and the CFPB’s latest standards for third-party service provider relationships?
• CFPB enforcement
• Auditing your vendors’ vendors’ vendors
• Recently issued GSE policy regarding the outsourcing of vendor management – what are the implications?
• Identifying the best approach to vendor management based on your particular circumstances