Post-Conference Master Class

November 21, 2014 2:15pm

Jonathan McKernan

Donald C. Lampe

Morrison & Foerster LLP

Attendees of this expert master class will gain instrumental information on:

  • The latest Enterprise-wide compliance programs/platforms
    • “EGRC Platforms” (Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms): Taking a look at the most highly proven software/programs/platforms in the marketplace; what they offer and what would work best for your circumstances
  • What level of sophistication will the CFPB be looking for in these systems when conducting examinations/audits?
  • Will the level of sophistication vary depending upon the size and type of servicer?
  • How to best ensure that the system you implement will integrate and align your companies’ risk management and compliance operations/processes
  • Servicing entities that have not had to comply with stringent servicing rules (such as some smaller, non-bank entities) likely already have internal compliance programs in place – how should they be adapting them to comply with the new CFPB requirements/standards?
  • How to prepare for the expansion of the National Mortgage Settlement Monitor’s testing scope – how to effectively test your compliance policies/practices/platforms to ensure they are up to par with recently issued NMS standards as well as CFPB requirements
  • Tips and best practices for effectively managing change within your organization