MOCK PRE-TRIAL — ITC Pre-Trial Strategies and Procedures: How to Work with Opposing Counsel, Review Objections, and Tailor your Approach to Specific ALJ Procedures

February 24, 2015 11:00am

Paul Goulet
Winston & Strawn LLP

Hon. Theodore R. Essex
Administrative Law Judge
U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington, DC)

Hon. Thomas B. Pender
Administrative Law Judge
U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington, DC)

Panel Moderator:

James Altman
Foster, Murphy, Altman & Nickel, PC (Washington, DC)

Set up as a mock pre-trial conference, this session will dive into the most effective ways to get your case through the ITC. Accelerated schedules for pretrial and evidentiary hearings create a sense of urgency and the need to have an efficient pretrial strategy. Gain crucial insights from seasoned ITC veterans at this unique session that will take you through a number of scenarios based on real-life challenges:

  • How to deal with an ITC evidentiary hearing that is commonly one week — getting everything in
    • Pre-filed direct testimony, witness statements, deposition designations
    • Knowing the rules of exhibits and when to limit them
  • Now that you have discovery, what do you do?
  • When and how many motions to file
  • Strategies on making high priority and regular objections
  • How to streamline the conduct of the trial to benefit both sides — addressing specific procedures associated with the ALJs
  • Crafting responses to objections, responses, replies, etc.
  • What do you need to do to preserve your appeal rights?