Spotlight on Emerging Developments in Cyber Security, Cyber Governance and Cyber Insurance

February 26, 2015 2:20pm

Mary Jane Wilson-Bilik
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

Harry A. Valetk
Of Counsel
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Lee Routledge
SVP Claims & Litigation — The Americas

  • Assessing the escalating problem of costly data breaches for companies today
  • Eliminating cyber risk for your company through available security measures
  • Improving your company’s cyber security procedures and detection/incident response plans of action
  • Benefits of cyber insurance and an examination of the growing cyber insurance market
  • Heightened regulatory enforcement and oversight activities
    – what are the latest proposed legislative solutions? What are the latest regulations saying regarding notification and remediation obligations?
  • Advantages of cyber insurance over governmental regulation as a means for improving cyber-security
  • Problems and challenges faced by the cyber insurance market
  • Is a traditional Commercial General Liability policy likely to cover expenses related to a cyber-attack and breaches on a company’s data?
  • A comparison of some coverage provisions specific to cyber insurance: event management, network interruption and third-party damages
  • The pros and cons of steering corporate clients toward stand-alone cyber policies
  • Considerations when negotiating cyber coverage and tips for navigating the process
  • Considerations in setting policy premiums