Exchange strategies with your counterparts on emerging AML, Cyber, Crypto, Terrorism Financing and Sanctions risks

The world is changing rapidly and everyone working in financial crime must stay ahead of disruptive technologies that are changing the global business landscape. Threats are more common nowadays as criminals develop yet more sophisticated ways to cheat the system. At the same time, global enforcement trends reveal heightened regulatory scrutiny of companies’ anti-money laundering and sanctions programs. In light of this, ACI’s 2nd Financial Crime Executive Roundtable will bring you all the answers to your most common questions related to financial crime.

Senior Government Officials Weigh in on Financial Crime Enforcement

Andrew C. Adams

Co-Chief, Money Laundering and Transnational Criminal Enterprises U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York  

Katherine A. Lemire

Executive Deputy Superintendent – Consumer Protection and Financial Enforcement New York State Department of Financial Services  

Richard P. Foelber

Chief, Office of Cooperative Enforcement U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission  

Paul F. Roberts, Jr.

Securities Fraud Squad Supervisor Complex Financial Crimes Unit, Financial Crimes Section Federal Bureau of Investigation  

Yoon Hi Greene

Deputy General Counsel and Senior Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The 2019 program features, unique in the market place, comprise the following:

  • Dynamic Polling
    Vote anonymously on emerging issues and compare your organization to your peers. Participants will receive a summary of the poll results after the conference concludes.
  • Audience Exchange Sessions
    Attendees will have the opportunity to text potential questions, topics and views for discussion during the session.
  • Emerging Topic Networking (ETN)
    During lunch, participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific emerging topics. Tables will be reserved and advance signup is offered.

Financial crime executives will discuss the most recent trends and hottest issues, and how to transform today’s challenges into business opportunities for your company, including:

  • Financial crime enforcement: The What, Who, When and How
  • Economic sanctions: Staying clear of sanctions landmines
  • AML current trends and most common pitfalls: How to navigate the current legislative landscape
  • Banking marijuana: How to do it right while staying within the confines of the law
  • How artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic processing continue to change compliance: Anticipating the next challenge
  • Screening innovations: How to increase operational efficiency while maintaining effectiveness
  • Spotlight on the United Arab Emirates: A gateway to Iran?


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