Product Labeling – How to Make Sure Your Product Labels Comply with Government Requirements

September 29, 2014 1:45pm


Angela Agrusa
Liner LLP

  • Understanding the regulatory landscape applicable to food labels
    • 21 CFR parts 100-199
    • FDCA Chapter IV
    • Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1966
  • Distinguishing the role of the FDA and USDA in approving information listed on a product label
  • Understanding the scope of authority of FSIS and AMS concerning product labels
  • Distinguishing labels approvable under the prior label
  • Approval system vs. under generic label approval
  • Defining the product “label”
    • front-of-pack, information panel, package insert
    • label requirements – contents, ingredients, allergens
    • how to list information posted on website and advertisements
  • How to avoid allegations of misrepresentation and misbranding