Food Safety – Preventing Adulteration and Contamination that Could Lead to Unsafe Products and Costly Litigation

September 30, 2014 9:30am


Allyson Wilcox
Assistant General Counsel
Beam Brands (Deerfield, IL)

Trent Taylor
McGuireWoods LLP (Richmond, VA)

  • Defining “adulteration” and “adulterants” under the FDCA and the Federal Meat Inspection Act
    • Poisonous or deleterious substances
    • Added vs. non-added substances
    • Chemical contaminants and carcinogens
    • Filth and extraneous materials
    • Pesticides, Metals
  • STECs – update on new USDA regulation amending the Federal Meat Inspection Act to add six serotypes of E. coli to the list of prohibited “adulterants” under the Act
  • Contrasting allergens and pathogens and understanding the difference in how the two are regulated by the FDS vs. USDA
  • Update on the Reportable Food Registry and how the FDA has used information