UDAP/UDAAP, Third-Party Risks and Managing Third-Party Vendors: Regulatory and Compliance Considerations for New Payment Models

March 27, 2015 9:10am

Ronald K. Vaske
Lindquist & Vennum LLP

Ryan J. Straus
Riddell Williams P.S.

Michael F. Day
Senior Corporate Counsel
Blackhawk Network, Inc.

Amy Bracht
Compliance Consultant

Henry N. Thoman
Vice President and General Counsel

Jessica Drew
Senior Legal Counsel
Meta Payment Systems

  • What is the real meaning of “Abusive” in UDAAP and how will this impact marketing practices? Deceptive practices?
  • Key legal and regulatory considerations arising from marketing related to new payment systems and products
  • Emerging trends and unique challenges in mobile marketing and advertising
  • Mobile marketing best practices
    • Using third-party marketers without running afoul of UDAP/ UDAAP laws
    • Social media/social networking
  • Marketing considerations relating to location data
  • Disclosure requirements relating to location data
  • Ensuring that consumer disclosures are in compliance with UDAP/ UDAAP
    • Analysis of UDAP/UDAAP provisions as they relate to emerging payment methods
  • Dodd-Frank and remittance disclosures
    • Required disclosures for remittance transfer providers
  • Strategic guidance for managing third-party risks
    • Conducting ongoing third-party monitoring and due diligence
    • Managing third-party vendors