The CFPB’s Continued Interest in Mobile Services & Payments:

March 27, 2015 8:00am

Keith J. Barnett
Troutman Sanders LLP

Jonathan J. Wegner
Baird Holm LLP

Ted Teruo Kitada
Senior Vice President and Senior Company Counsel
Wells Fargo Bank

Allyson B. Baker
Venable LLP Former Enforcement Attorney at the CFPB

  • What other emerging payments products are within the CFPB’s sights(?)
  • What activities are subject to the Agency’s jurisdiction?; disclosure issues; and what are the latest enforcement actions?
  • CFPB scope of scrutiny on mobile services, including mobile payments
  • CPFB GPR rules and impact: FDIC insurance? Overdraft protection? Limitations on fees? 6 Join the Conversation ACI: Financial Services @ACI_Finance / #ACIPayments
  • CFPB and privacy: Enhanced/broader substantive privacy protections
  • CFPB’s recent request for information on a wide array of mobile payments issues: interest in the under-banked: Reg B; enhanced customer experience
  • FTC’s advisement to CFPB on mobile payments
  • CFPB’s Project Catalyst: How the Bureau is working with the industry; who has met with the CFPB regarding Project Catalyst?; what are industry participants asking of the CFPB and vice versa?; assessment of Project Catalyst to date; industry impact
  • Dodd-Frank: Section 1073 and remittance transfer
  • Assessing the implementation and application of the CFPB’s remittance rules in relation to emerging payments products
    • Analysis of guidance provided to date; when and to whom are the new rules applicable?
  • Specific areas of concern relating to cross-border remittances
  • Ensuring compliance with new and emerging cross-border remittance regulations: Overcoming implementation hurdles
  • The CFPB’s role with respect to new payment systems and, specifically, money remitters
  • Assessing other new and emerging CFPB rulemaking and its potential impact on innovative payment products and systems