Other New Products, Services and Technologies With a Focus on Mobile Payments & Wallets in a Retail Environment, eCommerce Platforms and Business Models

March 26, 2015 10:20am

John C. Ricci
General Counsel
Green Dot Corporation

Douglas King
Retail Payments Risk Forum
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Judith Rinearson
Bryan Cave LLP

Thomas Firnhaber
Stonebridge Partners, LLC

Brian Crist
Chief Payments Counsel
Uber Technologies, Inc.

Steven Englander
Managing Director, Global Head of G10 FX Strategy

Cherie Fuzzell
Chief Executive Officer

Wanji Walcott
VP, Legal

  • Market outlook: overview of new and emerging payment products and services, and their expected impact on the market
  • A to Z on the different types of virtual and digital currencies; open vs. closed loop; centralized vs. decentralized; inherent value of products vs. no inherent value
  • How can this emerging market comply with regulatory considerations?
  • An update from big banks
  • The most prominent player: Bitcoin; customer disputes and customer protection?; conveying to the public customer service
    procedures in place
  • The effects of digital and virtual currencies; effect on stability of traditional payment systems (prepaid); interplay with prepaid products; effect on the financial marketplace as a whole
  • Mobile payments and mobile wallets in the retail context; how mobile wallets are being developed, offered, and marketed;
    assessing their success to date, or lack thereof; assessing whether mobile payment systems are regulated and, if so, by whom; incorporating other value-added services into mobile wallets; processing credit card transactions on mobile devices; assessing
    the convergence of deposits, checking accounts, stored value, and mobile payments
  • How the telecoms are impacting the mobile payments landscape
  • Gaming companies
  • Social coupons and social buying websites
  • Advertising, promotion, and conducting payments on social media
  • New start-up companies in the mobile payments space; how they are overcame barriers to entry
  • Google and Host Card Emulation (HCE)
  • PayPal and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Beacon Technology
  • The overlay of payments and sharing economy business models (i.e. uber, lyft)
  • Mobile phone image check deposits; Remote deposit capture and bank image processing; possible future developments: customer-to-