Lessons Learned and Critical Regulatory Challenges in the International Emerging Payments Landscape:

March 27, 2015 12:55pm

Nicole Ibbotson
General Counsel
InComm Financial Services, Inc.

David Wilford
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Wave Crest Group Limited

Youssef Sneifer
Assistant General Counsel, Legal & Corporate Affairs
Microsoft Corporation

Ben Regnard-Weinrabe
Paul Hastings LLP

  • The emerging global payments landscape: how international payment developments are affecting cross-border remittances, payment processing, and adoption and growth rates in key markets
  • Expanding beyond North America: key considerations and proven strategies for entering into or accepting payments from new markets, including the EU, Asia, and Latin America
  • Mobile payments and mobile wallets: how this disruptive and evolving technology is changing the face of the global payments market
  • Specific areas of concern relating to cross-border remittances
  • Ensuring compliance with new and emerging cross-border remittance regulations
  • Overview of new and emerging payment systems being used around the world: China, Japan, the EU, the Middle East, India, and Africa
  • Evaluating the EU’s E-Money Directive: key terms and definitions; impact on emerging payment systems; implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance; Facebook’s impending e-money authorization in Ireland, and Google’s in the UK
  • The EU’s Payment Services Directive: Key terms and definitions
  • Assessing China’s regulatory framework: New and emerging regulations from the People’s Bank of China
  • Best practices for dealing with multinational jurisdiction
  • Establishing enterprise-wide, multinational compliance programs
  • Lessons learned from the introduction of new payment systems into other countries: Application of existing regulatory paradigms to these new payment systems; how the new regulations that have been enacted to address emerging payment systems are working
  • How foreign emerging payments start-ups have fared; how are they building emerging payment platforms differently than companies in the U.S.?; what challenges are they facing, both in their home countries and when doing business with the U.S.?
  • International e-commerce facilitation
  • International data security and privacy efforts: EMV standard; Chip-and-PIN
  • Foreign exchanges and B2B