Critical Updates for Mitigating Privacy, Data and Cyber Security Risks in the Emerging Payments Market: Endeavoring to Use New Technology and New BusinessPractices to Plug the Holes

March 26, 2015 5:00pm

Bart Huff

Mercedes K. Tunstall
Pillsbury Winthrop Saw Pittman LLP

Matt Parciak
Deputy CISO

  • The fallout from the recent major data security breaches
    • Preventing breaches
    • Responding to a breach
    • Managing breaches
  • Data security and privacy concerns relating to transactions conducted on mobile devices
    • Factoring in European data protection initiatives and international privacy efforts
  • New and emerging privacy and data security risks associated with evolving technologies
  • ‘How to’ deal with existing conflicting privacy regulations
  • Privacy disclosures
  • Assessing the available and emerging security options
    • Mag stripe; EMV standard; Chip-and-PIN
  • Implementing enhanced data protection initiatives
  • Maintaining communication between the legal and marketing teams
  • Establishing an effective system of internal reporting and checks and balances in order to detect and solve problems early
  • Assessing what data you collect, or may collect, from consumers, and how that data may be used
  • Mitigating the risk of a data breach and minimizing the fallout when a data breach does occur
    • Preventing and protecting against data breaches
    • Risk management considerations
    • Insurance-related issues
    • State law requirements
    • How to respond after a data breach
  • Location data and privacy considerations
  • PCI compliance