Focus on Iran: A Comprehensive Review of Permissible and Prohibited Activities Involving Iran in Light of Easing Sanctions

December 3, 2014 8:45am

Corinne Goldstein Panel Moderator
Covington & Burling LLP (Washington, DC)

Michael (Jason) Rhoades
Sanctions Compliance Officer Office of Foreign Assets Control
US Department of the Treasury (Washington, DC)

Paul Pavwoski
Office of Sanctions Policy and Implementation Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
US Department of State (Washington, DC)

  • Latest developments on the P5+1 (the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China) commitments in the Joint Plan of Action agreement
  • Remaining sanctionable acts and exceptions under CISADA and IFCA
  • Impact of P5+1 agreement on non-US industries and collateral compliance risks for US companies
  • Differences between US and EU sanctions with IRan
  • How is the government using the Section 219 disclosures?
  • What business activity can involve hidden risk for Iran sanctions violations
  • Recent developments in Iran transactions and sanctions regulations
  • Is there more opportunity for non US companies doing business with Iran?