KEYNOTE INTERVIEW with DCAA and DCMA – RecentDevelopments and Anticipated Audit Priorities for 2015

October 23, 2014 9:10am

Joseph P. Bucsko
Chief, Pricing and Special Projects Office of Assistant Director, Policy and Plans
Defense Contract Audit Agency

Steve Trautwein
Acting Director
DCMA Cost & Pricing Center (Washington, D.C.)

Interview led by:

Scott Parr
Corporate VP, Director of Government Accounting Compliance
Alion Science and Technology (McLean, VA) (formerly Branch Manager/Regional Audit Manager, DCAA)

This session will feature an interview with the most senior government officials working on DCAA audits. This new format will allow you to obtain a clear understanding of the agencies priorities for 2015. Participants will receive a timely summary of the critical factors relating to government contract audits.