Ask the Audience Polling Questions: Focus on Adequate Documentation, Record Retention andElectronic Imaging

October 23, 2014 12:15pm

Luis A. Ambroggio II
Vice President of Contracts and Compliance
International SOS Government Services, Inc.

Audience will respond to the questions below. During an exclusive panel on day 2, panelists will present the responses and discuss best practices for each topic.

Adequate Documentation

  • What constitutes adequate documentation for consultant agreements in accordance with FAR 31.205-33?
  • What constitutes adequate documentation for inter-company transactions?

Record Retention

  • How long do you need to maintain records not directly supporting a U.S. Government contract?
  • If records generated during a prior contract are relied upon to by a contractor for cost or pricing data in negotiating a succeeding contract, what period of retention do you follow for the records used?

Electronic Imaging

  • Should contractors to keep a paper copy of a record if it is already electronically imaged?
  • Can an electronic or paper record be deleted after the retention period is over?