Privacy & Security of Consumer and Employee Information 101: Understanding the Technology & Key Laws and Regulations

January 15, 2015 7:25am

Harry A. Valetk
Of Counsel
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Peter J. Reid
Privacy Officer, HP Business Groups & Global Functions
Hewlett-Packard Company

Lisa E. Branner
Senior Manager, Information Protection and Privacy
Marriott International

Adam Rubin
General Counsel
PrizeLogic, LLC

Jennifer Harkins Garone CIPT CHP
Global IT Director

Corey Dennis
Associate Counsel & Privacy Officer
Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD)

This in depth focus session will create a foundation for those new to the world of privacy and information security and provide seasoned professionals with the latest changes and evolutions to the area.

Topics include:

  • Privacy, data breaches, and the key technological tools and experts behind them
    • Bridging the gap between legal and regulatory requirements regarding the protection of sensitive data, and the technology that protects such information
    • How does IT intersect with privacy?
    • Understanding IT systems utilized by companies to prevent breaches and data loss, including firewalls and private networks
    • The basics of a data breach
    • The basics of a data breach response
    • The role of forensic and audit teams
    • Best practices for assembling and working with a forensics and audit team
  • Key laws, regulators, and enforcement bodies to consider when dealing with privacy concerns and data breaches
    • A look at the current regulations and legislation which impact privacy & security
    • The role of regulators in the realm of privacy & security
    • Compliance and prior preparation: Steps to prevent data breaches; Policies and procedures in the event of a data breach