Selling and Marketing Cyber Policies for the Small and Middle Markets

March 23, 2015 1:55pm

Arturo Perez-Reyes
Cyber and Technology Leader Senior Vice President
HUB International

Gregg C. Rentko CPCU, AU, MSIM
Second Vice President, Brokerage-Professional
Western World Insurance

Eric C. Cernak
Vice President Munich Re US Cyber and Privacy Risk Practice Leader
The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company

Tyler O’Connor
Cyber & Privacy Broker
CRC Insurance Services, Inc.

Adam Kopcio
Vice President
Endurance Professional

Laura Zaroski J.D.
V.P. Management, Professional & Cyber Liability
Socius Insurance

  • High limit policies for the large market
  • Addressing the significant growth in cyber and privacy endorsement – different ways insurance products offered (cyber stand alone policies v. endorsements)
  • Cyber policies for small business – lower costs, issuing a stand alone v. an endorsement, and considerations for the amount of data at risk
  • Shifting and buying patterns of the cyber product
    • What are the brokers seeing? What products are selling?
    • What are the new products in development? What are the trends in cyber products?