Credit/Debit/Payment Card Security and the Insurability of Large Retailers: Credit Card Exploitation; Security Procedures to Prevent/Mitigate Hacking, Theft, and Security Breaches; Chip and Pin Technology; and Issues Associated with PCI Compliance

March 23, 2015 3:10pm

Matthew Prevost RPLU
Vice President, Professional Risk

Christopher Novak
Global Managing Principal, Investigative Response
Verizon RISK Team

Michael Carr ARM
Senior Vice President, E&O Underwriting
Argo Pro

  • Point of sale exposure for companies that accept credit cards (Target, Home Depot, etc)
  • How are the major credit card brands dealing with increased fraud?
  • How are payment processing companies dealing with fraud and managing relationship with merchants?
  • Role of the credit card brand and role of the merchant
  • PCI-DSS: implementing security procedures to reduce/prevent/mitigate hacking, theft, security breaches
  • Threats with new chip and pin technology