Consumer Arbitration Agreements/Clauses andClass Action Arbitration Waivers in the ConsumerContext: Treatment and Enforceability, CaliforniaNuances, CFPB Interest and Potential Crackdown,and More

October 23, 2014 3:10pm


Matthew W.H. Wessler
Gupta Wessler, PLLC

Jeffrey D. Pilgrim

Pilgrim Christakis LLP

  • CFPB’s study of arbitration under Section 1028 of Dodd-Frank
  • CFPB’s interest in the use of arbitration agreements and clauses: potential crack down on arbitration clauses in consumer financial products?
  • Implications of AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion and American Express v. Italian Colors for consumer arbitration agreements and the potential impact of the CFPB’s arbitration study
  • Where are we on Arbitration Clauses?
  • The status of class action waivers and arbitration in the wake of Concepcion
  • The treatment of AT&T v. Concepcion by lower courts and emerging legal issues
  • How are the lower courts applying Concepcion?