Resolving and Avoiding Schedule and Delay Issues: Examining the Enforceability of Site Disclaimer Clauses, Retaining Schedule Experts, Assessing Issues With Disruptions, Delays, and Damages Associated With the Construction Project Timeline

February 24, 2015 2:50pm

John Nunnally
Ragsdale Liggett PLLC

Jonathan Hoyle PMP
Sr. Project Manager
WCD Group

Mark I. Anderson
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Warner Construction Consultants, Inc.

Mark Boe P.E., PSP
Vice President
Capital Project Management, Inc.

Harold J. Gabriel
General Counsel
Andron Construction Corporation

  • Zachary v. Port of Houston: Addressing the enforceability of no damage for delay cause
    • How the owner’s capricious and arbitrary actions causes the delay and limits their recovery for damages
  • Retaining schedule and delay experts to assess the issues in a construction project timeline
    • How to handle schedule and delay experts
    • Forensically recreating the project timeline on a day by day basis based on documents, testimonies, and emails
  • Best practices for maintaining a workable schedule to keep a construction project on time
  • Dealing with liquidated damages clause
  • Determining what caused the delay
  • Out of sequence issues
  • Factoring in lack of insurance coverage for damages caused by delays
  • Dealing with poor contract drafting often written by contractors
  • Surety bonds that cover delay issues
  • Inserting clauses for no damages/limited damages