A Focus on Public/Private Partnership Projects and Foreign Construction Projects

February 25, 2015 3:00pm

A Focus on Public/Private Partnership Projects and Foreign Construction Projects

Danielle Swann
Jackson Kelly PLLC

William J. Wray
Meier Fine & Wray

Addressing Public/Private Partnership Projects, Legislation in Different Jurisdictions, and Resolving the Question of Whether the Private Entity Given Too Much Equity is Against Public Policy

  • Public entities lacking the funds to finance a project and look to private partnerships with commercial aspect
  • States with aggressive public/private partnership laws
    • Addressing controversies with public/private partnerships
    • Should Public/Private Partnerships be regulated?
    • Some states that have broad authority for public agencies to enter into contract with private developer without going through public procurement process
    • Some states that do not allow public/private partnerships
    • States with limited abilities to enter public/private partnerships
  • Unsolicited proposals made to government entities from private developers
  • Impact on performance/payment bonds on public/private partnerships
  • Determining whether private entity given too much equity is against public policy
  • Contracts that are not spelled out in terms of long term issues

Foreign Construction Projects: Opportunities for Overseas Projects for Construction Professionals, Utilizing Contract Forms, and Managing a Project Timeline in the International Context

  • Infrastructure projects in Arab world and Southeast Asia and beyond
  • How do construction professionals get involved in international projects?
  • Dispute resolution in the international construction context
  • Standard form contracts in Europe