What to Expect from the New China Customs Audit Approach: How Audits are Shifting From “Examination” to “Management” and How to Prepare for Newfound Risk

March 31, 2015 1:45pm

Jerry Qian
North Asia Customs Manager

Cindy Wang
Corporate Import and Export Compliance Director

Manuelito Chua
PRC Trade Controller
Intel Corporation

  • What are the key new audit areas? What they are based on?
  • Discussing self-disclosure system and pilot self-discipline program
  • What to expect from Customs post import and export review
  • How to assess the company’s exposure under the new requirements
  • What are the primary risk areas on handbook, bonded manufacturing, customs valuation, classification, duty exempted goods
  • Improving import, export, credit management and risk management
  • How to conduct voluntary audit and conduct self-audit report
  • Identifying new compliance issues beyond the scope of current trade facilitation
  • How to respond to auditors’ request: Providing factual objections to protect company right as well as the right to reply and prepare a defense