Managing a Chinese Government Customs Investigation: The Latest on Targeted Industries and Shipments, and the Most Effective Ways of Communicating with Local Enforcement Officials

March 31, 2015 2:45pm

William Marshall
Baker & McKenzie

Lei Wang
Legal Counsel, APAC
W.L. Gore & Associates (Hong Kong)

  • Understanding the severe legal exposures arising from ASB investigations
  • Key pitfalls to avoid when preparing for broadening scope of China Customs investigations
  • Checklist on customs investigation procedures
  • How to communicate with customs effectively to save time and avoid extra duty and penalty
  • How to assist in Customs Investigation when you are requested as a supplier or other third party to other business
  • Which industries and shipments are potential investigation targets and why
  • What documents you need to prepare in your regular operations to prepare for custom investigation
  • What to do when Customs finds problem during the investigation: Quick response, corrective action and internal control to avoid investigation
  • Given the severe consequences, what level of compliance resources is enough to ensure legal compliance and prudent legal defense