Import Compliance Program Benchmarking: What Companies Are Doing to Tailor Their Programs to the China-Specific Context and Risks

March 31, 2015 4:00pm

Jason Yao
Senior Partner
Wan Hui Da Law Firm

Lily Zhang
Trade Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific

Michael Xue
Director of Trade Compliance, Asia Pacific
Ingersoll Rand (Shanghai)

With the fast pace of regulatory changes and Customs reforms in China, the urgency to implement a robust customs compliance program has increased. An effective customs, China-specialized strategic operational plan will enable importers to identify financial benefit, ensure corrective actions are taken, as well as develop and implement costsaving opportunity by allocating your company resources.

Led by experienced industry leaders, this interactive and practical workshop will provide you with ultimate opportunity to benchmark your customs compliance program with peers. The interactive and practical workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Identifying your value position for your trade team
  • Contrasting decentralized vs. centralized operations, how to plan to structure your team effectively, by function or by sector
  • Allocating the import compliance function and legal, logistics and finance resources
  • Assessing customs compliance risks based on geographic scope, business sector, function, third party and other factors
  • What is your leading style – hands-on, being in-house consultant or set up policy
    • How to select and keep the trade talents
    • How to design a strong program to train a strong team as well as your third parties
  • How the global team views special customs risks in China and how to adjust
  • Implement self-assessment procedures: how to test your compliance program and detect potential weaknesses
  • Developing a strategy and the right personnel to establish a closer relationship with Customs
  • What to expect for the cross-border E-commence you speak about it like it’s new