Benchmark on Classification Strategy: How to Prevent Costly Mistakes that Can Trigger an Anti-Smuggling Bureau (ASB) Government Investigation

April 1, 2015 11:15am

Xu Shan Shan
Senior Partner
Shanghai Hiways Law Firm (Shanghai)

Michael Kwan
Managing Director, China Region
Burgess Norton Manufacturing Company (Suzhou)

Victor Shen
Chief Legal Officer
Henkel Greater China & Korea

  • In-depth discussion about “Correct Classification”
  • How to integrate the HS code data through the entire company and implement the HS code system into your daily operations
  • How to prevent from misusing HS Code and some practical tips
    • Strategy to integrate different ports with same HS code
    • Strategy for identifying HS code for new developed products, by functions first or by components first
    • How to manage and integrate supplier’s HS Code
    • How to classify the item correctly if there is inaccurate Chinese translation of the item name
    • Benchmark integrating HS code system by team vs. by individual personnel
  • Weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing HS Code integration system
  • Is “no misconduct” a “Safe Harbor”?
  • Without the intention to misuse the HS Code, can criminal liability be avoided?