Responding to China Antitrust Enforcement Uptick: How to Proactively Prepare for New Risks Amid Increased NDRC and SAIC Activity

April 2, 2015 9:15am

Janet Hui (Xu Rong Rong)
Jun He Law Offices (Beijing)

Victor Shen
Chief Legal Officer
Henkel Greater China & Korea

Edwin C. Li
Director & General Counsel Legal, Insurance & Intellectual Property
BASF China (Shanghai)

  • Contrasting NDRC and SAIC functions, their roles and interaction in antitrust enforcement
  • What individual goal NDRC and SAIC have in China, what industry or particular products are their priority
  • What recent cases reveal on future antitrust enforcement trends in China
  • What triggers enforcement, what are current investigations legal bases
  • How significant is agencies investigative power, and what information they are able to access
  • What is the normal process of an antitrust investigation
  • What companies and their advisors can do to engage NDRC and SAIC for the investigation
  • How to provide evidence during the investigation, and how much you should disclose
  • What is right to defend for your NDRC and SAIC investigation