Navigating MOFCOM’s Conditional Approvals and Simple Case Review Process: How to Ensure Your Deal Obtains Timely Approval

April 2, 2015 3:45pm

Yan Hai
Senior Partner
Guangsheng & Partners

Cui Shufeng
Post Doctor on Anti-trust Law
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Former Deputy Division Director, Anti-Monopoly Bureau, Ministry of Commerce

  • Case studies on recent MOFCOM decisions on simple case procedure
  • What is the criteria threshold for horizontal and vertical mergers
  • Introducing electronic online filing system, and its pros and cons
  • What areas MOFCOM is focusing on: offshore transaction, China access on raw material imports
  • Timeline and procedure of new merger control review process, Planning efficiently in the early stage of merger to save review time
  • How to avoid and handle the concerns from third parties and competition
  • Discussing the cases that still go through the normal review process, with remedies that may be imposed by MOFCOM
  • Look forward to future trend by contrasting US and European Merger Control Review
  • Contrasting inbound and outbound merger situations
  • How to gather sufficient information on market share data as soon as the deal is being mulled
  • What is an effective lobbying strategy