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Employment Law – Employment law in Switzerland, employers in CNMI facing H visa numerical cap issues, employment law post-referendum for Scotland and more.


Employment Law in Switzerland by Amanda Caldwell published on JDSupra

Switzerland is a democratic country with a population of almost 8 million people, located in the heart of Europe and comprised of 26 cantons, also known as districts, that operate utilizing three official languages: French, German and Italian…  [ Read More ]  


Employers in CNMI Facing H-Visa Numerical Cap Issues Should Explore the CW Visa Program by Ian R. Macdonald published on The National Law Review

Greenberg Traurig recently reported on the looming expiration of the H-1B and H-2B annual numerical cap exemption in Guam and CNMI, while urging local employers to consider filing extensions for any employee whose H-1B or H-2B authorization expires before December 31, 2014—the date the expiration takes effect… [ Read More ]


What next for employment law post-referendum? And post-election by Kate Hodgkiss published on JDSupra

The people of Scotland have spoken, and the answer is No. No, at least, to independence; however, the three main Westminster political parties were forced to make substantial concessions regarding further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament in order to secure the No vote which raises questions over the potential implications of so-called ‘Devo Max’ in the field of employment… [ Read More ]


Vietnam Changes its Local Hiring Rules, Reporting Requirements by Rebecca B. Schechter published on The National Law Review

Pursuant to a decree that went into effect last month, foreign organizations in Vietnam may no longer directly recruit Vietnamese employees. Foreign organizations include representative offices of foreign companies, non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations… [ Read More ]


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