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Anti-Corruption/ FCPA and International Trade – China reverses opposition to G-20 anti-corruption plan, Corruption in Afghanistan getting worse, FIFA Corruption and more.



China Reverses Opposition to G-20 Anti-corruption Plan By Daniel Stacey and Rob Taylor published on Wall Street Journal

China reversed its opposition to an anti-corruption initiative at a meeting of the Group of 20, agreeing to support transparency measures that will help reveal the beneficial owners of companies and trusts around the world… [ Read More ]


Afghanistan Corruption Getting Worse As U.S. Begins Exit, Inspector General Says By Tim Starks published on Roll Call

For all the international community’s wrestling to get Afghanistan corruption under control, it’s only getting worse with the United States drawing down its troops, according to John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. It’s getting worse,” he told defense writers at a Tuesday breakfast. “Significantly worse.”… [ Read More ]


Can FIFA corruption be stopped? by Roger Pielke Jr. published on Foreign Policy

Fans of American football have weathered a season of scandal, with claims of willfully disregarding knowledge of concussion damage and a culture of domestic abuse battering the National Football League’s top officials. But nothing comes close to the hailstorm that surrounds the FIFA, the Swiss-based non-profit that oversees international soccer, including the quadrennial World Cup finals.. [ Read More ]


Austrian currency scandal shines light on the enigmatic industry of money printing By Kit Chellel and Alexander Weber published on The Washington Post

One day in December 2005, a few hours before dawn, employees of the Austrian central bank, dressed in blue overalls, began stacking about 30 million bank notes onto wooden pallets. They loaded the manat bills, the currency of Azerbaijan, into 38-ton trucks, according to people familiar with the shipment… [ Read More ]


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