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Giving a bribe into a pocket

Anti-Corruption/ FCPA and International Trade – Converse sues firms over trademark issues, China punishes 7000 Government officials, Ukraine’s new anti-corruption measures and more.


SEC Charges E*Trade Subs: When Is the Due Diligence Sufficient? by Thomas Gorman  Published on JDSupra

Having the correct compliance procedures in place can often be critical. The SEC and the DOJ have repeatedly emphasized this in FCPA cases. Conducting due diligence can be equally critical… [ Read More ]


Converse sues firms over trademark shoe published on BBC News

US shoemaker Converse is suing 31 companies, arguing they are copying the design of its trademark shoe. The company files lawsuits against big retailers such a Wal-Mart and Ralph Lauren for allegedly selling imitations of its famous Chuck Taylor sneaker…[ Read More ]


China Steps Up Anti-Corruption Drive, Punishes 7,000 Gamblers In Government by Desiree Sison published on China Topix

China’s anti-corruption drive has gained momentum as thousands of gamblers in the government have been administratively punished since last year. Reports from the central government said more than 7,000 officials have been meted out punishments ranging from warnings to filing of administrative cases… Read More ]


Ukraine: Parliament Approves Anti-Corruption Measures published on Hetq

Ukraine’s parliament has approved several highly-anticipated anti-corruption policies in their final session before October elections. Laws passed in the Verkhovna Rada’s Oct. 14 session included the creation of an anti-corruption bureau, an anti-corruption road-map for 2014-2017, asset declaration policies and prosecutor’s office reforms… [ Read More ]


Russia: Rights activists call for tougher punishment for bribery published on RT

The leading Russian human rights body wants the maximum prison term for corruption to be more than doubled in a bid to force those convicted to compensate for the damage to the national economy. The head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov presented his suggestion to Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, during the President’s meeting with the Council for Human Rights… [ Read More ]



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