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Anti-Corruption/ FCPA and International Trade –  tailoring your anti-corruption program to a risk assessment, Alstom Charged With Corruption Offences and more.



[ VIDEO ]Tailoring Your Anti Corruption Program to a Risk Assessment by Michael Volkov Published on JDSupra

The Department of Justice and the SEC have emphasized the importance of designing an anti-corruption compliance program based on a company’s risk assessment… [ Read More ]


Theme from Shaft and Continuous Improvement of Your Compliance Program, Part I by Thomas Fox Published on JDSupra

The composer of what I believe to be the absolute coolest movie theme ever was born on this date in 1942, Isaac Hayes. Hayes continually succeeded in many areas. In the 1960s it was with soul music on the great label Stax… [ Read More ]


Global 20 Firms Follow Clients Into FCPA Hot Zones By Stephanie Russell-Kraft Published on Law 360 

As Law360’s Global 20 move into Foreign Corrupt Practices Act hot zones, they won’t just be worrying about keeping their clients out of regulatory trouble — they’ll also have to make sure they stay above the crossfire of foreign bribery schemes themselves… [ Read More ]


United Kingdom: Corporate Crime & Corruption Informer: Alstom Charged With Corruption Offences by Tony Lewis, Alexandra Underwood and Charlotte Ovans Published on Mondaq

The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has announced that criminal proceedings will be brought against an Alstom company. Alstom is a manufacturer in the rail, power and electricity transmission sectors… [ Read More ]


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