Industry News Roundup – Blockchain

1. Arjun Kharpal & Julia Chatterley, CNBC, Bank of America is Going Big on Blockchain (January 28, 2016) 2. Pete Rizzo, CoinDesk, BitPay Among Latest to Join Microsoft Blockchain Platform (January 5, 2016) 3. PYMNTS,, Regulator Urges Blockchain Transaction Fraud Protection (January 26, 2016) 4. Alex Hamilton, IBS Intelligence, Blockchain and Bitcoin Roundup: What’s Current with Cryptocurrency (January 27, 2016) 

‘Mythical’ Uniform Regulation Deemed A Must For Bitcoin – First in a Series of Follow-Ups From ACI's Emerging Payments Forum

By Mark Taylor, Published on PaymentsCompliance on September 23rd, 2015 A U.S. banking regulator has said crypto-currency law demands uniformity across all 50 states, but it would take unprecedented steps to overcome the current patchwork of silos. Jim Burns, securities bureau chief of the Idaho Department of Finance, said he believed all states want to find common ground…