Best Practice Tip from ACI's Economic Sanctions Enforcement & Compliance Speaker: Anita D. White

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Director of Corporate Compliance/AMLRaymond James Financial

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Best Practice Tip 

Your Best Line of Defense is Your First Line

When incorporating Sanctions into your training program, be sure to consider your audience. While sanctions programs can be very complex, it is up to the compliance program experts to break down the different regulations, legislation, and executive orders into simple terms that are understandable at all levels of the organization.  To ensure a successful training plan, front line staff needs to know the fundamentals of what sanctions are, why they exist, and most importantly, when they should pick up the phone and call an expert.  It is important to use plain English and refrain from including too many technical terms and acronyms.  Don’t let the complexity of the topic drown out the fundamental message:  that the goal of sanctions is to strengthen national security and restrict the access of bad actors (e.g., terrorists, drug dealers) to the marketplace and reduce their profitability.  When you can keep the main message simple, “you are helping to combat terrorism”, you will get more buy-in from the 1st line of defense.


Mrs. White will be speaking at ACI’s 7th Advanced Forum on Economic Sanctions Enforcement & Compliance 

  Economic Sanctions

When: Wednesday, April 30 to Thursday, May 01, 2014

Where: Westin Georgetown, Washington, DC

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