Obtain a complete understanding of the core pricing competencies utilized by the “Big Four” government agencies in purchasing pharmaceutical and biotechnology products

ACI’s “Big Four” Pharmaceutical Pricing Boot Camp returns once again to bring you an in-depth understanding of the foundations of government pricing as it applies to the “Big 4” agencies. We have recruited the leading voices in relation to “Big Four” pricing concepts and pharmacy benefits programs, including government representatives, leading in-house counsel, and top outside counsel and consultants, who will share their knowledge through presentations and at the multiple networking opportunities.

This in-depth two day training seminar will provide best practices for contracting with “Big Four” agencies and help you:

  • DEVELOP pricing strategies relative to Non-Federal Average Manufacturers Price (non-FAMP) and Federal Ceiling Price (FCP)
  • UNDERSTAND the significance of Acetris Health in light of the applicability of the US Trade Agreements Act to pharmaceutical contracting
  • IMPLEMENT applicability protocols for single and dual pricing models
  • APPRECIATE how the prime vendor and pharmaceutical standardization programs will impact FSS contract holders
  • COMPREHEND the effect of the CMP Final Rule on the 340B program
  • ACHIEVE product placement on the TRICARE formulary

The conference agenda is currently under development. Stay up-to-date by signing up to receive email updates.


Pharmaceutical Companies
Corporate Counsel, Vice Presidents, Officers, Directors, Managers and Analysts for:

  • Pricing, Contracts & Reimbursement
  • Government Affairs
  • Business Operations
  • Finance
  • Pharmacy
  • Compliance

Law Firms
Attorneys with practice areas in:

  • Government contracts
  • Pharmaceutical pricing
  • Public health
  • Pharmaceutical compliance
  • Health care litigation
  • Health care and pharmaceutical fraud, abuse, and compliance
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First-time attendee and it exceeded my expectations. The program was very informative and the opportunity to hear from change agents was invaluable.

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As always the ‘Big Four’ Boot Camp bring together the best in regulatory, legal, and government personnel for an open and honest dialogue.

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Comprehensive course. Reinforces current understanding of calculations and obligations under the program while keeping apprised of current issues and considerations.

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Excellent focus on covered topics – know what to cover and do it well.