WORKING GROUP A: Lean Applied to Business Processes — “Your Constraint may not be on the Shop Floor”

February 26, 2015 9:00am

Even though your organization works long and hard to get results, does it seem like you’re just running in place? Do one or more of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Sales and Marketing — Are proposals being issued late? Are they delivered incomplete—and being rejected? Do you have to reinvent the wheel for every sale?
  • Purchasing — Do you have a large investment tied up in inventory, yet you’re always running out of items and expediting buys because of poor planning?
  • Engineering — Are your engineers multitasking like crazy, but your product development and engineering change orders still can’t seem to keep up?
  • Human Resources — Are you having trouble replacing employees until long after they’re gone, and are you always starting at square one because they took their corporate knowledge with them? Is the learning curve long for new employees because everything depends on tribal knowledge — and the tribe is usually busy?
  • Legal — Are legal reviews holding up key areas of your business? And does every document look different even though each one covers the same territory over and over again?
  • Accounting — Is closing the books a heroic effort every month? Is there a lot of rework afterwards?
  • Finance — Are you paralyzed because finance takes forever to authorize your next move? And when you complain, does finance rightly argue that they need the time because there are so many irregularities involved?
  • Invoicing/Accounts Receivable — Do you have a long or unwieldy process to get back money you’ve invested? Are there typically lots of invoices in the system?
  • Strategic Planning — Does it take months to create a strategic plan, thereby guaranteeing it will be obsolete before it even gets off the ground? Spend more time tracking objectives than executing them?
  • Inspection — Has the number of necessary inspections grown disproportionately over the past ten years? Do the delays actually cost more than correcting potential errors would?
  • Audit — Do your internal auditors for external governmental organizations enforce policies and regulations far beyond the spirit of the law, slowing down your operation?
  • Management — Does decision-making bog down because the same issues are discussed in staff meeting after staff meeting, yet no one walks out the door with a single assignment to take constructive action or a clear method for measuring results?
  • Operations — Are your employees less productive than they could be because they’re waiting on any of the above?

Join us for this half-day workshop while we explore how lean thinking can go beyond the shop floor to identify and seek solutions to the true constraints impacting your organization’s performance.

A light lunch is provided to delegates participating in both Workshops A & B.