CASE STUDY: Leadership, Lean Thinking, and the Journey to Winning a Shingo Prize

February 25, 2015 9:45am

  • Sharing the story of how Barnes Aerospace Fabricators’ lean journey contributed to:
    • More than 950,000 hours worked without a lost time incident
    • A 53% reduction in scrap and rework and a 55% reduction in lead-time
    • A 28% increase in on-time delivery
    • Utah Manufacturers Association’s Manufacturer of the Year award and the Quality Management System Award in 2013
    • A Shingo Silver Medallion in 2011 and the Shingo Prize in 2014
  • Talking about the importance of leadership on both the shop floor and in the head office
  • How does the role of the leader evolve as a culture of Continuous Improvement matures within an organization?